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Wildix Collaboration – Microsoft Windows No outbound Audio

If your Wildix Collaboration stops broadcasting audio, there are 2 places you can check to determine what’s wrong.

The first place is in your Wildix Collaboration settings and check that you have the right devices set for audio.

In the example above:

Speakers (incoming audio) is provided by the users headset
Ringing (notification of an incoming call) is provided by the laptop speakers
Microphone (Outgoing audio) is also provided by the headset
Video is provided by the built in webcam on the laptop
If all of these match what you are expecting, you can perform an Echo Test to check your settings.

If this doesn’t resolve your outbound problem, we can check the Windows settings.

Open Settings and search for Microphone

In the Microphone settings, ensure that apps can access the Microphone. If this is already enabled, disable it so it saves, then re-enable it.

Go back to your collaboration settings and perform the Echo Test again.

If the problem still persists, reboot the computer, test again. If you still have problems, please raise a ticket with us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

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