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Wildix – Collaboration Outlook integration

Outlook integration supports: Calendar Sync, Presence, User pictures, Click2call, IM, Call popup, Caller name lookup, live search in Outlook contacts, URL to create / edit contact during an incoming call.

Go to Wildix Collaboration Settings > Extensions and install “Outlook Integration”


After you have installed “Outlook integration”, refresh Wildix Collaboration web page: a new tab is available in Collaboration Settings -> Outlook

Enable Calendar Sync using the slider

The following features are supported:

  1. Sync of your presence status in collaboration with outlook calendar event status
  2. Sync of upcoming events from Outlook calendar
  3. Outlook calendar working hours sync with Collaboration
  4. Click on the calendar icon to see the upcoming events from your Outlook calendar:
  1. Status mapping: allows you to set the corresponding Wildix Collaboration status for each Outlook calendar status; additionally you can enable / disable the status message
  2. Publish working hours: enables sync of working hours from Outlook calendar with Wildix Collaboration; additionally you can select the Wildix Collaboration status displayed when you are out of office and enter the status message
  3. Hide status message of private events: enable if you don’t want status message of private events to be displayed as your status message of Wildix Collaboration
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