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Wildix – Mobile Collaboration – Calls to mobile app not ringing on the device

Some users have experienced issues where when they receive a call on the mobile application, this does not ring nor are they notified. We have found that this is down to permissions on the app being set incorrectly.

Resolution –
Uninstall the mobile app from the device and re-download. Once downloaded, log back into the app with the credentials sent in the welcome message which you will have received in your email when you first started to use Wildix (if you cannot find these contact support and we can resend these). When you have logged in please ensure you allow all permission which you see pop up on the screen. The photo and location permissions aren’t directly required for the application to work correctly, however, the photo permission also allows access to storage which will include your ringtones. Without permission to use this, the mobile app will not ring

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