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Wildix Outlook integration – Install doesn’t work

Once you have downloaded the Outlook Integration extension in Wildix Collaboration. You should then see an Outlook tab as shown below in the screenshot.

When downloaded, if you still cannot see the Outlook tab this could be down to a few things;

At the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see an upwards facing arrow, click into here, you should be able to see the Wildix Integration service. The logo shown will be the Wildix logo, if you unsure what this is, look at for a blue ‘W’. Right click on here and browse to settings, you should now see a similar screen to the screenshot shown below. Please ensure that this is set to allow and not block.

Once you have looked in here, jump back over to Collaboration, into settings and find your extensions tab. You now need to re-download the Wildix Integration service extension again. Once this has been done, refresh the page and you should now see the Outlook integration tab. If you still cannot see the Outlook tab then proceed to download the Outlook Integration for a final time and refresh the page. The screenshot shown below is what you should see once the integration has been successfully downloaded.

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