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Wildix – Wizyconf Remote Control

*Make sure you have inserted the dongle of the Wizyconf-Remote into the Wizyconf-Core
  • Power on/ off: turn off/ turn off Wizyconf-Core
  • Video off/ on: turn off/ turn on personal video
  • Volume up/ down: adjust the volume level
  • Volume off/ on: turn off/ turn on the volume
  • Navigation keys Up/ Down/ Right/ Left: navigate between different menu options; rotate PTZ cam (Up/ Down/ Right/ Left) (first press the key Control PTZ cam)
  • Back key: go back to the previous page
  • Settings key: access the conference settings
  • Switch active camera: switch between PTZ and 4K cams
  • LED Indicator: blinks red when you press any key; no blink means there is no connection (check that the USB dongle is installed correctly or move closer to the Wizyconf-Core) or the battery of the remote control is down
  • Control PTZ cam: press the key to be able to use Navigation keys to rotate the PTZ cam
  • Camera zoom in/ out: adjust the zoom of the PTZ cam
  • Mute on/ off: mute/ unmute your microphone
  • Central Navigation key: confirm different operations
  • Record key: start/ stop conference recording
  • Home key: press to leave the conference 
  • Micro-USB interface: connect the charging adapter to charge the remote control unit
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