Ring only Active Device on Wildix Collaboration

Did you know, with an Essentials, Business or Premium license on Wildix, you can enable up to 10 devices to register against your account. This could be Collaboration in your browser, the Mobile app, a Tablet, a Desk Phone and so on, essentially meaning you really shouldn’t miss a call.

But what happens when you receive a call? All 10 devices can and will ring at the same time. Not only can this be useful, it can also be frustrating and loud.

Luckily, you can tell your Wildix system to only ring the device you specify, the one you want to use as your primary device.

To activate this, open Collaboration in your browser and go to settings

On the right, you will see the “Ring only active device” toggle switch. Enable that and press save.

At the top of your screen, click the drop down arrow next to the dial box. By default it will say Web.

Change this to your preferred device

When selected, incoming calls will only physically ring (play a ringtone) on your preferred device. Other devices will still show the call but will ring silently.