How Schools & Academies Can Reduce Telephony Costs Permanently

Why Upgrade Your Telephony Platform? 

When it comes to investing in a new telephone system, the needs of Schools and Academies are directly related to the quality of education they can provide for their students, which requires meeting strategic objectives as efficiently as possible. As we work with a wide range of Schools and Academies, we understand their needs and find one of their most prominent requirements is to uncover how they can adopt new and innovative ways to permanently reduce operational costs relating to communications. Ultimately they are looking to get the most out of their budget as possible and free money up to support other strategic IT investments such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

As well as cost reduction, the reliability of the telephony system needs to be an absolute priority, together with scalability and flexibility which will allow the school to adapt the system to meet on-going needs. We have also found time-saving features are of great benefit, meaning admin staff can contact and manage staff more effectively, whilst meetings can be held from numerous sites/locations and student attendance can also be recorded and monitored easily.

How Can Cost Savings Be Achieved?

Your telephone system supplier should have the confidence to give your school IT department the tools to become as self-sufficient as you want to be (I say ‘want to be’ because most schools still want access to professional and experienced support at times) – however this isn’t as simple as it may sound for many technology resellers.

The traditional on-premise communications system has now evolved from a proprietary based appliance, needing continuous 3rd party support contracts – to a powerful and open-server based solution, deployed within the schools existing virtualised server infrastructure.

This new-generation telephony solution brings about many benefits which subsequently translate into cost savings including:

1) Removes the need for a school to invest in new hardware appliances to support a new voice service

2) Removes the reliance on 3rd party support and maintenance contracts to support the appliances

3) Removes the need for 3rd party intervention to make simple moves and changes

4) Eliminates the need for expensive hardware upgrades in the future

5) Naturally supports ISDN phone line replacements like SIP which are much less expensive

What Results Can You Expect? 

From Day One, you can expect your school to be saving money from expensive support contracts, system changes and ISDN lines. Your staff will be able to work more efficiently, get more out of their time and therefore productivity and morale will increase. Capabilities to communicate across the school, both internally and externally will be dramatically enhanced and will therefore enable you to raise the learning experience and standards of your students and children. Timescales to make system changes and to rectify faults are drastically reduced meaning you can streamline your budgets and invest in other projects that require surplus investment.

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