How to Overcome Remote Working Connectivity Issues

More and more people are opting for remote work, it just makes sense, the productivity stats are clear and the benefits obvious.

So the question is: do you have staff that want to work from home but can’t because their connectivity isn’t sufficient?

Well at Everything Voice we have the answer: We can provide a 4G router with High Gain Antenna installed by an engineer to give your staff a superfast, reliable, robust home broadband connection for home working. Separate to the workers personal infrastructure they can use the connection for their business only traffic. Achieving speeds up to 65Mbps download and 25Mbps upload, this enables all data traffic as well as conferencing and all those low latency cloud applications to operate and function with ease…

The standard home worker solution comes with 200GB of 4G data and a further 100GB bolt on is available if required.

If your home worker can’t even get a signal on their own mobile phone they can use this solution for making Wi-Fi calls.

Everything Voice can provide this solution as part of your company monthly subscription or directly to the worker to claim back on expenses.

The 4G router is plug and play and can be moved so the worker can take it with them on business trips or UK holidays if they like.

Unlock the power of your remote workforce.

EV 4G router £109.00 (plug and play)
High Gain antenna £79.99
Installation (engineer onsite) £150.00
Vodafone 200GB data plan £69.99 / 100GB data bolt on £65.00 (minimum 3 month term then 30 days rolling. Bolt on applies in month added. Can be added anytime prior to penultimate day of month).Other networks available variable cost.

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