How to Supercharge your Business for 2018... The Gigabit Revolution

Small to Medium sized organisations (SMEs) are catching on to the advantages of adopting new technologies, including cloud-based services, VoIP-based telephony, unified communications or offsite back-up. Many organisations who have however committed to these solutions are facing severe bottlenecks within their communications networks, severely limiting the performance of their technologies and therefore the return on the investments they have so wisely made.

Is your future going to involve a transition to any of these new technologies and is your business still relying on last-century copper-based or fibre connectivity – which offer unpredictable performance at unreasonable costs?

The Gigabit Revolution Explained…

Even local government is now recognising that existing quality of connectivity is incapable of supporting emerging digital technologies and business growth, which are increasingly centred around objectives such as enabling mobile/remote working, or supporting travelling employees who need access to their files and to stay in contact anytime, anywhere.

The ONLY fit-for-purpose, future-proof digital infrastructure is Gigabit-capable connectivity – a claim that is supported by the government through its current funding scheme designed to help SMEs make the transition….

…WATCH this VIDEO to find out why:

Upgrading Your Connectivity in 2018?

If you will be looking to upgrade your internet connectivity in 2018 – now is the time to make the move.

By upgrading to ultra-fast, Gigabit-speed internet connectivity, in many cases you can save on current internet costs – and in some cases can claim £3K funding to cover the cost. DON’T DELAY – find out more below:

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