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Neil Hutchinson, Everything Voice
Inspira case study

Fully hosted/managed off site in a data centre, providing extensive, uninterrupted system availability and disaster recovery features to ensure continued operation


Removal and recycle of expensive legacy PBX hardware and ISDN lines, reducing Inspira’s long term costs


Raised productivity and efficiency through complete access to system features for remote workers on any device via a mobile app


The ability for staff to schedule and initiate both instant and scheduled conferences through the embedded audio-conferencing feature


Greater flexibility to meet future business needs, adding and taking away users as required and only paying for what is used or required

Customer Testimonial

“We have worked together for some time now and Everything Voice have become our ‘go to place’ for reliable expertise in supporting our more than 200 VoIP users across the whole business.”

Chris Latta, Head of IT, Inspira

Cost savings and business continuity

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Cyber security and business continuity

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