Is 5G a health risk?

No. is the short answer.

With the transition to a new networking technology, some familiar scare stories are re-emerging. You might even have seen stories (usually just throw away comments by ill informed people) “5G will give you cancer” and “mmWave technology leads to brain tumours,” and “smartphones are microwaving our bodies,” etc etc.
These scare statements are wrong. Some of the constant myths about mobile base station radiation still hang over the industry from as far back as the 2G days. So now people are wrongly concerned about the dangers that even faster 5G technologies can bring and that faster mobile data speeds somehow leads to faster and more serious health risks.

To understand frequency think about the treble and base controls on your radio. Treble is high frequency and base is low frequency. If you sometimes turn your head in the street because you hear the thumping beats of a garage house tune belting out of a small pimped up car with Gen Z kids wearing baseball caps – that the base. It penetrates and goes through matter. Treble on the other hand reflects.

So as we progress into higher frequency wavelengths with 5G – the health risks reduce and not increase.

Higher frequency mmWave technologies still don’t reach close to ionizing wavelengths and the technology actually extends further away from the maximum human RF absorption frequency of about 70MHz. mmWave will mostly deploy in the 24 to 29GHz spectrum, which suffers from very high reflection rates. Therefore, energy absorption is confined to the surface layers of the skin rather than deeper tissue touched by lower frequencies. Penetrating bones or the skull is out of the question, so you can dismiss those brain tumour arguments.

The bottom line is – if you are concerned about the health risks associated with mobile radio waves and you want to use a smartphone – you should move to a 5G service as soon as possible. Other than that try to focus on issues that really need worrying about…

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