Digital Enterprise Is Temporarily Closed. What Now?

Due to the high level of applicants received for Digital Enterprise funding, the scheme has been temporarily closed and may not open back up again until next year. Apologies to anyone who has missed out on the chance to apply. However, for future reference we would encourage any interested parties to submit their application as soon as the process is opened to ensure you don’t miss out. Any workshops that the Digital Enterprise were planning to run have also been put on hold.

All is not lost…

For those businesses who are still wanting to raise efficiency and reduce costs through enhancing their communications and telephony platforms, this is STILL possible. We have an expert team on hand to provide advice on how technology can improve the performance of your business and potentially save you money.

To find out more about how your business can take control of it’s IT spending and improve results, click below or contact us on 0330 055 3570 at your convenience.

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