Making connected security services simple


Usage costs

Balancing the costs of your SIMs against the expected usage of your customers is as much guesswork as maths.

You may expect a certain usage level and work that into end-user costs. Still, if customers access their services more than expected and go over the allotted amount of data you provision, your costs quickly explode.

Rather than provisioning data per SIM, we provide our customers with a data pool, sharing data across all SIMs, greatly reducing the chance of customers causing your costs to jump unpredictably.


Service monitoring

When your customers can’t connect to their devices, you’ll be the first port of call. And if you can’t give them a reason or solution, which isn’t the sort of customer experience that you want to deliver, they may start looking for a new provider.

That’s why our security clients love our Mobile Manager SIM Management platform, providing network analytics to identify issues quickly and provide faster resolutions for a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Choosing suppliers

Whether you go direct to the carrier or to a reseller, provisioning SIM cards for all your hardware can be time-consuming, complex and requires holding stock – possibly for multiple networks – that may even take weeks to go live!

Our SIMs are usually activated within 30 minutes and include multi-network roaming, so you don’t have to worry about coverage from a specific carrier.

The Pros (and Cons) of Multi-network SIMs.

We’ve all seen the ‘Big 4’ (EE, Vodafone, O2, Three) say they’ve got the best, or the fastest, or the broadest, coverage around, but marketing isn’t always truthful… Plus, in real-world settings, especially in business environments where absolute reliability is so...

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Robustel Smart Roaming V2

The next generation of 3G/ 4G reliability and roaming with SIM Management from Robustel is here! As champions of Robustel for many years now, our clients are now benefiting from a new technology known as Smart Roaming which is available exclusively within Robustel...

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Cellular IoT Connectivity and CCTV

You can’t have secure sites without CCTV if you are an on-site security CCTV provider. As technology continues to develop, CCTV is now also being used with software that overlays video feeds, facilitating applications such as occupancy monitoring, motion detection and...

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The 2G/3G sunset: what you need to know

Mobile Network Operators across the world have begun the gradual phase-out of 2G and 3G networks, also known as the “2G / 3G sunset”. And for organisations that depend on 2G or 3G connectivity for their vital communications and IoT solutions, it’s crunch time! Wait,...

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