Diverse connections
Resilient Internet Access
Wireless Leased Lines

Everything Voice has selected Metronet’s own wireless leased line to meet the specific needs of certain clients including those needing backup internet access independent of BT’s Local Loop. This option can be deployed to accompany a Fibre to the Premises solution for example, or just to facilitate a very quick installation without risk of excess construction charges.

Through incorporating Metronet’s solution in to our proposition, this enables us to provide our clients with a completely comprehensive range of disaster recovery options, as all other unternet access backup solutions still rely on the BT Local Loop. With Metronet’s wireless solution now in our portfolio of technologies, we can offer a fully resilient and diverse backup solution for your Internet and MPLS connectivity, with the wireless backup link being 100% independent from BT exchanges.

Another advantage of incorporating Metronet to our technology portfolio is that we can successfully accommodate the needs of clients who are looking for a very fast implementation. Unlike Fibre to the Premises which have lead times in excess of 3 months, a Metronet Wireless leased line can be installed in as little as 10 working days. This means we can meet our clients’ needs for a quick, yet very reliable and high performance connectivity solution.

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