New Product Release – CCTV Data Solution

If you provide CCTV services to the construction industry, to secure empty premises or for any pop up temporary event such as a festival you will have several challenges:

  •   Your cameras may require a fixed IP service typically found in fixed line broadband but not in mobile data broadband, or charged at a premium.
  •   Your customers fixed line fibre / WAN / LAN may not be able to reach the demarcation point of your CCTV product.
  •   Your customer site is completely green field and has no connectivity whatsoever.
  •   Your using a current mobile broadband service with Fixed-IP but the costs are very high.
  •   You need to provide an always on HD service so your data usage is over 1TB per month and the costs are having a serious impact.

Our role at Everything Voice is to re-engineer the mobile supply chain so we can provide a ready to go product fit for purpose. And with CCTV we’ve done exactly that.

Introducing the Everything Voice Mobile CCTV SD-WAN

Everything Voice CCTV SD-WAN solution incorporating a 500GB or 1TB 4G Fixed-IP SIM at a fraction of market rate.

A new 500GB and 1TB 4G Fixed IP Solution. Configured with DDOS for your protection, QoS for your data traffic guaranteed quality and leveraging the mobile network operator – Three.

·        Up to 2TB of Fixed IP Data from a single box at a tenth the usual market rate.

·        Stream your CCTV cameras constantly without worrying about the cost.

·        DDOS & QoS allows you to extend more services such as VoIP.

·        Business Grade 4G with a business grade SLA.

·        Hardware available on rental basis no capex to replace existing services.

We believe this is the best CCTV 4G Fixed-IP data solution available in the UK market bar none.

Key Feature  – Large data bundle:

Perfect for remote CCTV always on monitoring burning through many GB’s per day – CCTV operators face the challenge of not buying too much data coupled with the prospect of expensive over use charges if all the bundle allowance is breached.

Now you can have CCTV – High Definition streaming without worrying about cost.

The solution has a dual sim card slot so you could have as much as 2TB per solution per month – costing £410 per month – compare this to the usual £4k+ per month for 2TB of 4G Fixed-IP data!!

The solution is portable so when you’re finished at one site you can simply take the product to your next site – no need to waste costs paying for a fixed line product. We can hold and redeploy your stock as part of our managed service.

A simple, straightforward, no brainer for CCTV industry players

Included in the box as Standard:

1 x Configured Everything Voice CCTV SD-WAN Appliance

1x Configured Everything Voice 4G Router


1 x Fixed Public IP

DDoS Protection

QoS Options


12 – 36 Month term

500GB SIM or 1TB SIM

Fully Managed including Next Business Day Break / Fix.

Additional IPs

Additional Leg for ADSL / FTTC / Ethernet

Purchase 4G router upfront or rent the hardware on a managed service basis

Contact us for pricing.

For more information, please contact your account manager for details. 0330 055 3578

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