Next Generation Internet… For Less?

What Can City Fibre Do For My Business?

CityFibre is emerging as the UK’s best alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities. There wholesale-only products allow providers of all types to tap into our independent full fibre infrastructure to serve the rising bandwidth demands and reliability expectations of today’s homes and businesses. This allows them to offer the cheapest and best lease line solution on the market which is the main reason why we have decided to team up with CityFibre.

What Can We Offer You Different Compared To The Main Suppliers

One of the main ways that CityFibre differentiate themselves from the mainstream competition is their ability to offer flexible bandwidth on how much and when you need it. Whether you’re seeking the control, scalability and unrivalled flexibility of dark fibre, or want to access our fast and competitively priced Ethernet, Internet or ‘Fibre to the Premises’ broadband products.

We offering three CityFibre product:

Internet Service

Available at gigabit speeds, they are ideal for partners seeking reliable, fully guaranteed business services at market leading prices.

Ethernet Services 

All variants use the latest optical technologies and are delivered across an independent fibre infrastructure, with a spine network that’s designed in rings for resilience.

Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre offers a dedicated, monitored, unlit optical fibre path between two locations – giving our clients maximum control and flexibility over the products they provide to their own partners and customers. Allowing them to:

  • Define and future proof their own networks and services
  • Optimise equipment choice for the solutions they offer
  • Meet specific customer needs
  • Own the end to end customer experience

Is CityFibre Available For Me?

CityFibre is available across 14 towns and cities in The Northern region; as highlighted by the graph below.

Check to see if CityFibre is available for you here….. AVAILABILITY

We Won’t Be Beaten By Any City Fibre Supplier!

Due to our position in the market we are able to provide City Fibre at the lowest price on the market:

We are so confident in our pricing we are also offering £0 installation fee + we guarantee to price match any offers that our lower than our current offering!

Contact us for information or to sign up for next generation internet now!

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