Openscape Cloud for Education – Is Hosted VoIP the Future?

We meet with many organisations across many sectors who need advice on developing or implementing their VOIP strategy and one truth has always struck us when dealing with Education. There are some clear barriers to adopting either a Private or Public based Hosted VOIP solution despite there being many reasons why it makes complete sense to take that route. In this article I am outlining our understanding of these barriers, how they can be addressed and what it means for the future of VOIP in both Primary and Secondary Education.

If your School or Academy is considering a new telephony system – this is something to really consider before opting for another on-premise system:

There are a number of barriers to adoption, all of which have not been addressed with current technologies and services.

  • The total monthly subscription cost for a hosted VOIP solution is more than the existing expenditure on telephone system, telephone lines, telephone calls and support making it difficult to justify.
  • Schools or Academies who already have budget to replace the telephone system are struggling to justify the long-term cost of Hosted VOIP compared to the cost of implementing and supporting an on-premise system, making it difficult to justify.
  • With a commitment to keeping staff and pupils safe there is a real concern that failure of their Internet connection would result in none of the users of campus being able to contact each other or emergency services in the event of an emergency.
  • Some of the generic hosted VOIP platforms don’t quite have the range of traditional telephony features which they are used to.
  • It is not always clear what is included and what is not included. It is also usually necessary for the School to purchase telephone hardware anyway as the handsets proposed by the Service Providers can be expensive to rent.

Can these concerns be addressed?

In short, yes they can be addressed with today’s technologies and services. Everything Voice have partnered with Unify, a Global leader in VOIP to deliver Openscape Cloud for Education to remove the barriers and make migration to the cloud a real opportunity.

  • We have reduced the cost of our subscription to just £6.99 per user per month for a Secondary School or Academy and just £8.99 per user per month for a primary School.
  • The pricing model directly competes with the schools existing expenditure. With these low subscription costs we guarantee to reduce your existing expenditure.
  • There is no upfront cost associated with this solution, it is entirely subscription based including hardware, telephone lines calls in the UK and support.
  • We have already compared these monthly subscription costs against the cost of you purchasing an on-premise system and even over 10 years our hosted solution costs no more than the cost of running your own.
  • Even in the event of an Internet outage telephone handsets will still be able to communicate with each other and the emergency services because of our gateway solution.
  • Furthermore, the solution comes with a 99.999% availability promise.

What does this mean for Schools?

What it really does is put the choice back with the school, a choice with no more barriers to entry. Back on the table is a solution with no upfront cost, a single low cost subscription, scaleable, always up to date, resilient and highly available. We would love to hear from you if you’re considering communications for your school or if you’d just like to know a little bit more about your options.

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