Parts of BT’s Broadband and Phone Network are down according to BBC

BT’s broadband and phone network appears to have been suffering nationwide problems in the UK.¬†Down detector, a website that monitors internet failures, is reporting thousands of cases in places such as London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Coventry.¬†There are also numerous reports on social media from customers experiencing issues.

BT confirmed that many of its services were currently not working.

A spokesman said: “It is true that we are down at the moment. We are aware of the problems and are working on them as fast as we can.”

Its website has also crashed and some users are reporting that its customer service line is down.

This got us thinking about the real effects of downtime like this and the heavy reliance of UK businesses on often a single, BT provided service. It also had us thinking about what you could do to help protect yourselves from such an issue in the future.

BT but NOT in the last Mile

Using wireless technology we can deliver robust backup solutions outside of BT’s local loop so that you can continue unaffected in the event of a major outage. Take a look at our website for more detail of give us a call on 0330 055 3570. This could provide backup for both your Internet and telephone lines.

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