RESEARCH: How Will Full-Fibre Connectivity Change Our Lives?

Full fibre is widely acknowledged to deliver superior connectivity which will open up the next generation of applications for residential and business users. It will also sit at the heart of much wider digital advances, underpin 5G mobile networks, power the smart cities of the future, drive innovation and technology, plus enable what is being called the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0) in the manufacturing sector. This is expected to generate significant economic and social impacts for small and large businesses or homeowners.

Drawing on the latest data and published research, economic consultancy, Regeneris explores the wide range of economic impacts that may emerge from the exploitation of full fibre broadband. This evidence is used to estimate the impact of full fibre and demonstrate the scale and scope of economic and social benefits in 100 major UK towns and cities (ie to roughly 30% of the UK’s total population).

The report identifies and assesses core business benefits of a full fibre network infrastructure including:

  • Employment advantages
  • Productivity improvements
  • Technology innovation
  • Access to new and wider markets
  • Reduced operating costs for new business start-ups
  • Raised flexible working practices
  • Household benefits – increased valuations and wealth

Further impacts are then generated as a result of these core benefits, reaching a much wider range of sectors in the economy. These include:

  • The impact of 5G mobile networks, which will require full fibre backhaul
  • Smart cities infrastructure such as reductions in energy use, congestion and fuel costs
  • Increased manufacturing productivity secured from the emerging digital revolution
  • Healthcare benefits through advances in connected health technologies
  • Environmental impacts through carbon reduction… and many more

The role of full fibre in delivering increased productivity runs throughout the findings in this report. Full fibre will provide the core infrastructure required to kick start the next generation of digital technology and drive expansion of smart infrastructure in towns and cities where it is deployed. The result will be modernised, more productive and innovative economies.

To read the full report and understand how the roll out of CityFibre’s full fibre network infrastructure will benefit your business – CLICK BELOW:

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