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Telephone Lines & Calls - SIP Trunks

For many years now, the standard for business telephone lines has been ISDN, which is a digital telephone line from BT’s network, connected directly to your telephone system. It is no secret that BT intends to mothball ISDN in the coming years and in the last 6 years we have seen the steady rise of SIP trunks as a mainstream alternative. With the combination of good quality, accessible connectivity and SIP trunk providers being more readily available, adoption has become mainstream over the last 3-4 years.

Our SIP trunk proposition responds to a number needs within businesses, including

  • Updating ageing and often unsupported telephone system technology which is costly and time consuming to support
  • Replacing older communication technologies such as ISDN, whilst sourcing options and costs, together with expertise on how to implement these effectively
  • Renewing contracts for telephone systems, ISDNs or internet access which are coming to an end
  • Integrating a resilient telecommunications Disaster Recovery (DR) plan to eliminate the threat of downtime across the business

What is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP Trunk is a facility provided by a SIP Service provider that allows the placing of out-bound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using a high quality internet connection with ethernet grade service level agreements and service restoration guarantees. SIP Trunks are fast becoming the standard technology that allows businesses to make and receive telephone calls without the need for an expensive and inflexible ISDN circuit. The quality of the service, lower cost, the ability to converge onto traditional data circuits and the many additional features has contributed to its increasingly widespread adoption, making it the best choice for more than 90% of businesses.

Some of the key features of SIP trunks include:

  • Free calls to other connected users
  • Free calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles
  • Automatic disaster recovery
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Immediate provisioning
  • Wide choice of numbers

Why choose Everything Voice’s SIP Trunks?

There are a number of business benefits to be gained by adopting Everything Voice’s all-encompassing SIP trunk proposition including

  • Specialist knowledge in-house across voice, networking, IT Infrastructure and network security
  • Integrated disaster recovery
  • First class quality and reliability
  • Fast provisioning in under 2 minutes
  • Free calls to UK Landlines and Mobiles
  • Optional Call Recording
  • Fraud Prevention
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Improved Service Level Guarantees

For further information or to discuss whether SIP Trunking would work for your business, please contact us anytime on the details below and we would be happy to help: