Six Common Problems That Are Preventing SMB’s Growth

How Important Is Customer Care in your Business?

Would you be interested in boosting business performance whilst improving customer satisfaction? Whether you are trying to win new customers or retain current ones, ultimately your priority is the same for both; to resolve their needs in a quick and efficient manner.

This article will highlight the top 6 challenges that SMB’s face each day when it comes to customer service and how companies like your’s can overcome them.

1. Manage Incoming Calls Efficiently

When you experience a high volume of calls, how do your sales staff ensure they are available and waiting to respond to incoming enquires?

Let’s keep in mind that the primary communication tool used by SMB’s has always been, and still remains, the deskphone. So would a simple button that a member of your sales team can press to opt-in/ opt-out of getting calls direct to their chosen device, help manage your calls more efficiently?

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2. Speed Up Your Customer Response Times

The modern-day customer expects that their call will be answered quickly and efficiently. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has therefore started to play a crucial role for SMBs in speeding up response times to incoming calls and enquires.

Through new VoIP telephony solutions a customer can request the name of the department or their account manager when they call, so they are automatically routed to the correct person for handling the enquiry.

This avoids the need to place your customer on hold, reducing their wait time, whilst also helping you raise productivity of staff.

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3. Improve the Customer Experience & Raise Efficiency

If a customer doesn’t have a specific name or the Direct Dial (DD) of their account manager – they and you can waste significant time doing the rounds until they eventually reach the right person.

There’s really no need for switchboard operators any longer. With today’s VoIP technology, you can assign each contact on your database with a specific account manager within your business, allowing the system to automatically direct a call to the correct person in seconds.

This useful feature helps the company provide a more professional customer service, improving their experience, whilst raising efficiency of how your staff are spending their time.

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4. Communicate Direct with Your Website Visitors

Would your business benefit from turning website visitors into potential customers? A corporate website can now achieve important goals for attracting new business.

All you need to do is integrate a contact button or a chat widget to your website, allowing visitors to instantly connect with the correct department and initiate a conversation.

5. Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Those famous last words… “All our operators are busy at the moment, please hold the line…”  Your staff are currently busy or unavailable, but you have customers waiting to speak to you?

Have you heard of ‘intelligent call routing’? Your calls are distributed based on the status of each member of staff, ensuring that your customers are looked after as quickly as possible and you retain their loyalty and satisfaction.

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6. Avoid Losing New Business and Customers

If a contact is calling you for the first time, first impressions count for everything. Asking them to wait on hold while you find somebody who is available is not a great start, often resulting in reaching a busy tone, voicemail message, or even ringing out.

Our VoIP telephony solution includes a feature which provides a backup destination in the case of an unsuccessful call transfer, defining where calls should be routed should they not reach the person they had been directed to.

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It’s Time To Stand Out From the Crowd!

By providing your employees with the right tools, you are able to raise your customer service experience to a new level – allowing you to stand out from your competition and nurture your client relationships more effectively.

The greatest challenge for SMBs is ‘competition’ and ‘differentiation’ – with restricted budgets and larger more established companies to contend with, your communication and ability to respond to customer needs is the best way to set yourself apart.

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