Stop! Before You Consider Replacing Your Telephone System....Do This First

Written by Neil Hutchinson
Business Development Director
Everything Voice

Twitter: @everythingvoice
Tel: 0330 055 3570

After many years of talking to customers who are in the process of reviewing or replacing their existing telecoms infrastructure, there seems to be a disconnect between the process for selecting a new solution and the evidence and data available which should dictate which solution will best suits their needs. Through a lack of simple analysis, this can lead to unsuitable solutions being proposed and accepted, which often won’t fulfil the core objectives of upgrading.

Let me give you an example…

An organisation is conducting a review of it’s telephony system and meets with a range of suppliers after having done their own research. Discussions about the design ensue and a decision is made about what the solution must deliver in order to address the issues and challenges they’re experiencing. At no stage is any supporting data produced to breakdown telephone usage, such as fluctuations in call handling, peaks & troughs, which extensions are most and least used, how many incoming calls are being answered and missed, or which teams in the business are under/over performing against call handling targets. This can lead to a false diagnosis of the core issues and therefore a replacement telephone solution not being able to address the specific business or educational goals.

A Simple Approach

If you are one of the thousands of organisations planning a communications system overhaul in 2018, we would like to offer you a very simple approach which we at Everything Voice have introduced to the market and advocate to allow you to make a more informed decision. Ultimately ensuring you select the best telephone / comms platform for your business or school:

  1. Obtain feedback from a range of telephone users across your business. Clearly you already are aware of some issues (which is why you’re looking at an upgrade) – but its crucial to ensure at this stage that you understand how these can be resolved and how you can open up new opportunities for the business.
  2. Research the internet, read some articles and start to get a feel for what solutions are out there?
  3. Gather data and statistical evidence which supports your case for a new system and identify any other issues which you may not be fully aware of. This can be done in the form of a simple call reporting solution which provides real time data in report format from your existing telephone system, including line utilisation, inbound vs outbound call performance, talk time and rates of missed calls amongst other data. Need access? Click Here >>
  4. Review your findings from points 1, 2 and 3 and draw up a plan including the justification for upgrading your system and possible solutions to consider.
  5. Invite suppliers to present their solution, having shared both the data and feedback that you have available.

From experience, the above provides a fool-proof approach to sourcing the right solution to your business, where you can be confident that the investment you make will offer significant benefits, and most importantly allow you to measure performance and get the most out of your budget.

How to Access Live Call Data Reports? 

There are many call reporting solutions out there, however most will require an upfront capital investment and so are only suitable when a long-term need is present. The alternative however is subscribing to a hosted version on a monthly subscription costs, with no minimum term and no need to buy the software, a costly server, or the support to maintain it. We are talking about solutions which cost less than £50 per month, and can be used just for the number of months your business needs the data, minmising your financial commitment yet providing full access to real-time call data and reporting through a personalised web-based dashboard, which is accessible from any device.

Everything Voice recommend this solution – you can view a live interactive demo of the call reporting software, or find out prices below:

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