Stuck With A Slow Internet Connection? ...4G Could Be The Answer

Can’t get more than a 5Mb download broadband speed for your home or business?

We talk to many customers who still in today’s modern world are struggling to get much above a 5Mb broadband speed, which in simple terms, can restrict both your productivity, your ability to compete and your potential to grow your business or adopt new technologies.

Many of those affected by sluggish internet are often surprised to hear that by replacing your broadband connection with a 4G data connection, it’s possible to raise your internet capacity to super-fast speeds (from 24Mb upwards). Ideal for homeworkers or businesses that are being held back by tiresomely slow speeds, 4G is probably the best solution you have aside from installing a dedicated leased line.

Is 4G right for you? 

If you are still reading, you are clearly looking at alternative connectivity products and we’re guessing you’re wanting to raise your internet capacity to a level that fits the current or future needs of your business. There are 3 types of customer our 4G data connection is suitable for as follows:

1. Does your home or business office need to access a faster and more reliable internet connection? 4G can be installed quickly and offers reliable download speeds
2. Is your business looking to install a dedicated full-fibre leased line but needs a fast and reliable interim connection until it’s live? 4G is cost-effective and offers a flexible solution
3. Does your business depend on its internet connection to operate and what would the impact be if it went down?  4G can be used as a back-up solution during unexpected downtime

How does 4G work? 

4G is a resilient and credible business connectivity solution if you’re looking to improve your internet performance. Capable of supporting all your internet needs including cloud-based applications and hosted technology such as hosted VoIP solutions and EPOS systems, service speeds of up to 60Mbps can be achieved.

To get you up and running, Everything Voice will provide a 4G wifi router with an embedded 4G SIM which once plugged in, will be operational. We also have a team of professional engineers on hand who can visit the property/business address should you need a high gain antenna to be installed to enhance your mobile data coverage in more challenging or rural areas.

How much does 4G cost? 

It is worth mentioning at this point that the government is offering funding to subsidise the install of 4G network services within office premises, whether they be home-based or at a registered business address.


A monthly data bundle will be agreed with you from the outset, depending on your bespoke requirements. Automatic alerts will be sent to update you on usage, allowing you to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. Additional data can be added with bolt-ons when required and just 30 days notice is needed to terminate your 4G contract.

Prices for the 4G backup solution start at £19.00 per month and individual data plans for your office vary depending on your requirements – more detailed prices can be accessed here >>

Click below to get 4G pricing or to find out more about government funding. Alternatively call 0330 055 3570:

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