Stuck with a Slow Internet Connection – 4G Could be the Answer

Can’t get more than a 5Mb download broadband speed for your home or business?

Its possible to get up to 60Mb download internet connection via 4G. Using a high gain antenna and 4G wifi router with an embedded 4G sim works really well for those stuck in the internet slow lane. Ideal for home workers or businesses with slow Internet Speeds.

We call this solution: EV Prethernet – Everything Voice Pre Ethernet 4G

Use EV Prethernet as part of your lease line order from Everything Voice and we will provide a 4G broadband connection while you’re waiting for the fibre to be installed. You can also keep the 4G product as a backup solution.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

EV provide a 4G wireless router with a 4G sim card embedded. For locations with challenging mobile coverage we can also provide a high gain antenna to boost your service speed. The product comes ‘plug and play’ but we can also send an engineer to do a professional install which you will need in the case of having an antenna.

We agree the monthly data bundle amount and send you alerts if your usage is nearing your allowance. You can add more data with bolt ons during the month if you run out of data.

Run your internet, hosted voice system, EPOS and all other internet based systems using this service. Service speeds are variable depending on location but we generally expect a range of between: download 20mbps – 50mbps – Upload 10mbps – 25mbps

Costs Example:
EV 4G router £109.00
High Gain antenna £79.99
200GB data plan £72.00
100GB data bolt on £65.00

When you can get a fibre service we can terminate the 4G product on 30days notice. Or you can keep the product and change your data plan to DR mode which reduces the cost to £19.00 per month and 1GB of data.

The back up solution is available with a fixed IP address to maximise seamless operations.

Available as a back up solution with all EV network orders or as a standalone service.

Service billing cycle runs from 1st of every month except first month which is pro rata.

If you’d like to know more about this or to arrange a free coverage check, contact the sales team on 0330 055 3570

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