Technology Projects which are Driving Growth for SMEs in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has a thriving SME economy which has been recognised by the government who has committed to a range of funding schemes for 2017 across the Yorkshire region, to help drive growth and employment specifically in B2B organisations with less than 250 employees.


What is interesting is that these funding schemes are dedicated to technology and connectivity related projects – an insight as to how improved technology can offer signifcant tangible economic benefits to this sector – driving efficiency, raising competitivity, reducing costs and improving productivity – which in turn, all drive growth.

Project Examples

Having worked alongside a range of regional funding schemes such as the Digital Enterprise (Leeds City Region) SuperFastSouthYorkshire Voucher Scheme (Sheffield City Region) – Everything Voice has witnessed first hand the value that this type of funding can offer SMEs in Yorkshire. See below for a range of project examples that we have worked on just recently:

PROJECT 1 – Business Centre Needing Improved Connectivity Bandwidth and Network Infrastructure: Increased demand from new tenants for office space at the business centre was putting its existing bandwidth availability under strain, particularly due to the increased trend of small to medium sized organisations migrating to hosted solutions and working online. They were able to invest in and gain funding for high quality, super-fast fibre connectivity with uncontented service levels capable of up to 1GBps – providing room for growth and future needs whilst meeting the current needs of existing tenants. There was also scope for improving their networking infrastructure and so with the funding they are now able to make the dynamic allocation of bandwidth across their network, ensuring that the needs of each tenant can be met and managed easily, at a predictable cost.

PROJECT 2 – Head Office with Multiple Smaller Sites and a Fragmented Infrastructure: It was becoming a challenge for everyone in the business to access business critical applications and information, which was all stored on a physical server in one location. The performance of their technology and IT infrastructure needed investment and so the funding provided the opportunity to proceed with the implementation of a range of cloud-based solutions which would to streamline the way they work, connect everyone wherever they are and offer a much better service to staff and customers – all at the same time. Funding was secured for the migration of their business critical servers into a private Tier3+ Data Centre (for added resilience, security and reliability) pluse a super-fast internet connection, which ensured reliable access to applications and data at all times, not only providing huge efficiency benefits but also enable reduced costs.

PROJECT 3 – SME Moving to New Office Premises: In line with a move to a new location, this meant an inevitable review of technology had to take place. With new and more up to date VoIP telephony platforms now available – this type of technology enbles SMEs to cut line rental and call costs, whilst communicating anytime, anywhere, through any device, including calls, messaging, emails, conferencing and more. This organisation applied for funding to support the transition to a VoIP telephony solution which also required high performance internet. As this was not currently available to them, the funding meant they could invest in this new technology, leaving behind their outdated deskphones and PBX telephone system (and all its wires) – providing better customer service, raising efficiency, enabling mobile working and greatly increasing overall productivity.

For more information on the funding scheme available to your region, please click below or call us on 0330 055 3570 for free advice on applications and eligibility: 

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