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Buddy Ohm

Everything Voice Certification

Certified Partner

It’s hard to manage what you can’t measure. Everything Voice has selected Buddy Ohm as its end-to-end smart building technology which offers a low-cost solution for monitoring the consumption of key building resources in real-time.

As new environmental regulations have been implemented in April 2019, whilst energy costs rise and the pressure is on businesses of all sizes to operate more efficiently, our smart building technology helps you grow a sustainable business through reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Simple to deploy, affordable and providing measurable returns, it’s our mission to… 

“Make Every Space Smarter”

Through our parntership with Buddy Ohm, Everything Voice will enable your business to make smarter, data-driven business decisions which positively impact your bottom line.

Why is ‘building monitoring’ so important? 

There are many dispersed factors which affect the built environment and these have a direct impact on both business profitability and environmental sustainability. Do you know how much factors such as the weather, the ageing infrastructure or the behaviours of your building’s occupants are costing your business in terms of energy?

It is almost impossible to keep track of all the relevant systems accurately without paying for access to an expert within this field. Buddy Ohm takes away this headache and helps minimise inefficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs for you.

How does Buddy Ohm work?

Simple to deploy, Buddy Ohm provides real-time energy consumption data through data-rich visuals and insights, which can be easily analysed to raise efficiencies.

All energy types are monitored including Gas, Electricity and Water.

Energy consumption data can collected from entire buildings and broken down by floor, room or even applicance. 

Is your business compliant? 

Everything Voice is specialised in helping businesses implement effective reporting for ESOS and SECR regulations – ensuring that environmental compliance is achieved and maintained, whilst also exploiting opportunities to reduce waste and energy costs.

Let us show you how you can make a difference to your building’s health today: