Plans for significant changes to the way you’re billed for telecom services

Written by : Neil Hutchinson | Business Development Director | Everything Voice Ltd

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More evidence has emerged of significant changes to the way you will be billed for telecom services in 2016. Below we have summarised what organisations need to consider to manage their telecommunications.

In a previous post we talked about the way in which your business consumes telecom services, such as lines and calls, is changing. We suggested that there is a clear shift away from the traditional service charge and pence per minute tariffs, and an emerging trend towards telephone bundles which offer a fully predictable monthly charge and a set amount of minutes each month, tailored to your own usage and needs.

Recent news from Broadsoft has come out to say they have decided to introduce, new for 2016, a fixed monthly price which not only includes both your service charge and your calls, but they have taken it a little bit further by including a good quality desk-phone for every user and a license to use their service.

This is good news for Small and Medium sized businesses because it removes unpredictable costs associated with traditional telecom billing models. At the same time, more than 70% of current SMB expenditure on telecoms comes from calls to UK Mobiles, line rental service charges and third party support costs, so this represents a real opportunity to keep costs low, for the long-term. In addition to the commercial and budgeting benefits, there is also a range of other advantages to this new model being offered by Broadsoft including:

  • Easy to add and remove desk-phone users
  • No ongoing support costs
  • It’s easy to build one system incorporating remote users and other sites
  • Enterprise class resilience as standard
  • Disaster Recovery as standard

However, there are some things you will have to do as a business to make sure this is a practical and good quality solution for you.

Question your own perception

It has been a common perception, although far less now, that telecom services delivered in this way (i.e. via an Internet connection) are somehow less reliable than those delivered in the traditional way such as ISDN. This really is a myth – if done properly.

The service relies on a very good quality Internet connection and with the cost of Ethernet First Mile starting at £140 month versus a 20 line ISDN costing £250+ per month, there really are no barriers to getting a really excellent connection.

The service levels even with the entry level Ethernet First Mile connections are comparable to that of ISDN at 99.99% and the published fix times in the event of an outage are far superior. The typical published fix times on Ethernet connectivity are either 6 or 7 Hours whereas most businesses with ISDN will only have a published fix time of the end of the second working day.

Service providers build in resilience and Disaster Recovery as standard so a major outage does not mean lost calls, unlike ISDN.

Use good Internet Connectivity

In almost all cases, ADSL is unlikely to be suitable for this for a number of reasons including no Service Level Agreements, no published fix times, unpredictable bandwidth and latency and poor control. Invest in a good Internet connection such as EFM or Ethernet to the Building or if you have this already, great!

Have a good firewall in place or have somebody provide you with a fully managed one.

Establish and design how your calls will be handled in a Disaster or during an outage and have it planned at the network level, don’t leave it until after it happens.

Take control

Finally, implement controls which allow you to control which services and applications get priority on your Internet connection.

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