Telecoms: The ISDN switch off

By Neil Hutchinson, Business Development Director, Everything Voice

Introduced in the 1980’s, ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network is still a common method of connecting a business telephone system to the Public Telephone Network. When it was first introduced to replace Analogue telephone lines ISDN also offered Direct Dial Numbers and the ability to transfer a call externally. Eventually the vast majority of businesses used ISDN for their inbound and outbound telephone calls.

Fast forward into the 21st century and sales of ISDN have been in steady decline as businesses find new and more innovative ways of deploying their company telephone system. At the same time an extensive IP network has been built which runs alongside the old Public Telephone Network in place since the 1800’s. It comes as no real surprise then that BT has announced the run down and eventual switch off of their ISDN service

What are the timescales?

In 2025 Openreach will effectively cease ISDN services which means that if you have one of the 2.5 million ISDN services in your business, it’s time to plan a migration

In 2020 Orders of ISDN will no longer be possible

What to do next?

Everything Voice has been deploying alternatives to ISDN for 7 years and have already helped many hundreds of people transition away from ISDN. Put in a call or drop us an email to discuss your migration 0330 055 3570 or

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