BLOG: The future is Gigabit Internet

Written by Neil Hutchinson
Business Development Director
Everything Voice

Twitter: @everythingvoice
Tel: 0330 055 3570

You only have to be exposed to the Internet connectivity news for a very short period of time, to realise how much of a hot topic the Gigabit revolution is. The basic premise of this revolution is that with the rapid digital transformation of UK organisations comes the need for ultrafast Internet connectivity. It took us a while to really see the benefit of Gigabit capable connectivity, certainly in the early days of the revolution, when costs were still high and the service providers not quite ready. The picture today is very different and we see Gigabit capable connectivity as a service which UK organisations of all sizes should seriously consider.

Why Choose Gigabit?

Are you a small to medium sized organisation (SME) and finding that your future technology strategy is moving more and more towards cloud based services, whether that be data storage and replication, or accessing bespoke software solutions? As your reliance on access to these services is increasing so will your need for more bandwidth.

It is likely, you’re finding that your competitors are working much faster and much more efficiently, getting more done and therefore delivering a better service. We all need to keep up and stay competitive and with ultrafast connectivity we can keep up and differentiate. Our employees work quicker and more efficiently, they communicate better, improving customer service and staff morale along the way.

We know the Connectivity market and can see with great clarity what it looks like in terms of providers of Gigabit-capable internet. On the one hand you have the big 3 providers, relatively slow to innovate and providing dedicated uncontended bandwidth, with business grade service level agreements up to 100Mb, at a reasonable cost. On the other hand, you have innovators providing uncontended Gigabit capable connections, with the same service level agreements for more or less the same price, so pound for pound not only will you get more innovation but ultimately more bandwidth. Whilst the big 3 can provide Gigabit scalability, it is much costlier to achieve without any perceivable difference in quality.

Key Considerations for Upgrading

There are most certainly a couple of things for you to consider:

a) If you are suffering with a contended, low-bandwidth connection with poor response times from the service provider, then there is a viable alternative which will not cost the earth and will help you transform the way you work. CHECK PRICES >>

b) If you are already considering moving to an uncontended ‘leased line’ type service then do some research (or let us do the research with you). Although there is a huge amount of inward investment in the UK infrastructure, Gigabit-capable connectivity is not everywhere. CHECK HERE IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO GIGABIT >>

c) Where possible look at all of the options either on your own or with our help. SEE COST COMPARISON >>

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