Tidy Up The Mess – Multiple Mobile Agreements

It’s quite common in business that circumstances change and have unintended consequences. I see this a lot in all types of business. Due to business acquisition, disposal, merger, expansion and so on you can end up with multiple mobile agreements. In some cases, the mobile provider may also be providing landline services which can confuse the issue even further.

Some telecoms companies refer to ‘Line Rental’ as the monthly access charge for a mobile bundle but also a land line service. This can skew the numbers and make your average spend per user look higher than it is. Other telecoms actively sell a combined landline and mobile service such as Vodafone’s One Net product. De-coupling the mobile and fixed service can be difficult to get your head round and in some cases persuades the buyer to continue with the existing set up as its taking too much management time to unravel.

If this has happened to you then you may find that when you do eventually unravel the agreement – you are paying substantially more than you could be / should be for your mobile services.

At Everything Voice we are seeing more and more cases like this due to a period when ‘fixed mobile convergence’ products we sold to customers that is no longer fir for purpose. Companies are moving to loud based services and being compelled to change from traditional PBX products to hosted voice as the ISDN switch off approaches in 2025. Now that’s plenty of time to change but if you need to invest in a telephone system it makes little sense to invest in a product you already know is going end of life.

The next thing to consider a vendor rationalisation. It has been proven due to being obvious that reducing vendor’s sometimes from as many as five to one reduces your costs and increases service levels as you have a single point of contact and better commercial terms. Over the years you may have had a direct relationship with Vodafone then added O2 due to a coverage issue and then also used a reseller due to a relationship or unique offering they provided for a few connections. This means you managing 3 vendors all with separate support contacts and contracts, contract end dates and SLA’s – complicated.

At Everything Voice we can help you rationalise all your fixed and mobile services to a single vendor. Provide a co-terminus agreement so all contracts end at the same time and provide separate agreements for hosted voice and connectivity so you can manage all telephony and broadband requirements from a single place.

Tidy up = save money, save time, increase service and performance.

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