Has Underinvestment in Digital Infrastructure Damaged Business Growth?

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Technology deployment and business continuity

When you are considering investing in and deploying new technology, you naturally do so with cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency in mind. But forward-thinking businesses also look into the resilience of any proposed solution, and whether it will help or...

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Business efficiency and productivity in a crisis

Business continuity is often discussed in terms of survival. If your office floods or the data centre burns down, can your business keep operating? That’s perfectly understandable. If a serious incident threatens your business, the priority is to keep everyone safe,...

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Operational reliability in a crisis

Floods, fires, theft, vandalism, pandemics and cyber attack. The number of threats to your core operations can sometimes appear never ending. And while a once-in-a-century health crisis might be dismissed as sheer bad luck, cyber criminals and extreme weather events...

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Adopting cloud comms just became more cost-effective!

Considering the challenges of the last 12-18 months, many businesses have been forced to look for a new remote-worker-friendly communications solution. Even with the 2025 Switch Off getting ever closer, many are still hesitant to make the jump. Mainly because...

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