Has Underinvestment in Digital Infrastructure Damaged Business Growth?

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5 ways a data pool will save you money

If you manage business premises, or run a company that provides security and facilities management for business premises, it’s fair to say that the Covid pandemic has given you an extra headache you really didn’t need. During lockdown, premises were vacant and...

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The cost of poor business connectivity

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), many UK SMEs are suffering the consequences of poor connectivity. A recent survey by the FSB found that 30% of small businesses received download speeds of less than 10Mbps, a figure that rose to 39% in rural...

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Cloud Productivity: Why Is It So Important?

It’s widely accepted that if you want to properly equip a remote or hybrid workforce you need to look to the cloud. Cloud services were growing quickly in popularity before the Covid crisis, but the pandemic has poured rocket fuel on the trend. Business investment in...

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Using cloud connectivity for a remote workforce: a guide

The pandemic forced an army of employees to embrace the home working life, whether they wanted to or not. As it turned out, quite a few of them appreciated the experience. They liked the work/life balance that remote work made possible and it’s fair to say they didn’t...

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