Unified Communications

As technology advances, there are so many ways in which we can and do communicate with our colleagues, clients and business contacts, often requiring many different applications and devices to achieve this almost successfully. It is for this reason that unified communications is being adopted by an increasing number of businesses who are using it to differentiate what they offer their customers, by raising customer experience whilst also increasing workforce productivity.

Why consider adopting Unified Communications?

  • Need to meet the changing needs of increasingly disparate and virtual teams and want to keep them consistently well connected, motivated and productive?
  • Finding that conferencing and external meeting costs are sometimes unnecessary, high and unpredictable?
  • Is it difficult to pull together the right people at the same time in the same place as and when needed?
  • Considering a new VoIP or unified communications solution but need support with deployment and migration?
  • Need to reduce communications costs or make them more predictable?

The challenge many businesses have is understanding how unified communications could play a pivotal role in their business which often means these tools are never adopted to their full effect.

What is Unified Communications?

At Everything Voice we deploy a world leading unified communications solution which seamlessly unifies each separate mode of communication in to one central platform including:

  • Instant Messaging and chat
  • Presence
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Call Me / Follow me service
  • Applications for a vast range of Operating systems and devices
  • Directory
  • Video (multipoint)
  • Document sharing
  • Unified messaging (missed calls, voice messages, instant messages, emails and faxes) in one place
  • Mobile and home user integration

Our Technology

Unify’s Openscape Business UC Suite is the most complete all-in-one unified communications platform incorporating presence, MS outlook integration, telephony, conferencing, instant messaging and voicemail designed for businesses with up to 1,500 users.

We provide a range of Unified Communications applications from Unify as this integrates neatly with the Openscape Business VOIP platform, is very modular and offers a wide range of applications suitable for PC, Laptop, MAC plus mobile devices including Apple and Android, which we believe is fundamental to suit the needs of today’s SMB workplace.

If you are interested in finding out more about Unified Communications, or to understand whether this could add value to your business whilst reducing costs overall, please contact one of the team at Everything Voice anytime on the details below.