Unify Introduces Enhancements to Their Device Range

Unify has launched some upcoming enhancements to their Device range. These devices are all fully supported on our hosted and on-premise Unify Openscape Platform so irrespective of how your Unify platform is deployed or paid for, the enhancements will still apply.

So what are the highlights?

The first enhancement is an extension of the CP Handset range to include a cost-effective, entry-level CP100 which will be available through Everything Voice either as a monthly subscription or as a one off cost. There will also be a CP600E which has a black and White rather than colour screen but costs less than the existing CP600 currently on sale. Again, both the CP600 and CP600E are available as a monthly subscription or as a one off cost.

The next enhancement is to incorporate even more landline / Mobile integration via the CP600 handset. This includes being able to move calls seamlessly between Mobile and Deskphone or being able to handle a Mobile call on the CP600 handset to take advantage of the CP600 HD audio capabilities.

The previous Openstage range of handsets (15, 40 and 60) are to be discontinued in November after 10 years.

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