Unify: Launch of new CP handset Range:  Are there any benefits?

Unify’s Openscape Business is our core Communications platform, available to purchase on a simple monthly subscription basis or upfront. It can be deployed on site or offisite or in a private, public of hybrid cloud, depending on the requirements of our clients. At Unify Professional Partner, Everything Voice, we offer complete choice of commercial packages and deployment options

Handsets have become smarter and the new CP range does incorporate some new features which we think make it a good choice for customers when selecting their preferred endpoint.  In terms of value for money there is a good range of handsets both with and without Gigabit connectivity which means that the handsets will suit most budgets.

What do we like?

The new design is very nice and it still has that solid feel we have come to expect from Unify’s handsets.

Integration with Unify’s Collaboration Platform, Circuit is a nice feature and we particularly like how it is possible to move your call seamlessly between the desk-phone and other devices on which Circuit is deployed.

It is possible for a user to now change their My Portal Presence on the CP handset range which completes the overall Presence experience.

What to watch out for?

These handsets come shipped with SIP firmware from Unify and so they will need to have Unify’s own HFA firmware installed if they are to work on many Unify platforms. This only takes a minute or two to do.

We have produced a number of short training videos for those of you who have recently started introducing CP range handsets.

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