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Openscape Business by Unify

Unify’s Openscape Business technology can be deployed on-premise or in a private-hosted environment and has been developed to offer SMBs and Education providers (from 20-1500 users) a tailored and cost effective solution,incorporating a single unified telephony and unified communications platform.

Designed to help you enhance the productivity, efficiency and mobility of your workforce: 

Openscape Business can be integrated seamlessly with existing technology and infrastructure already in place

With specialist features and functionality, these can be deployed flexibly to meet the changing needs of SMBs

Features & Benefits

Encompassing an unrivalled range of features which can be selected and tailored to your individual business needs, these include:

VoIP; Mobility; Presence; Web Collaboration; Unified Communications; Video; Conferencing; E-mail; Messaging; Desktop Sharing and more.

Watch here to find out how our technology platform Openscape Business, could raise productivity and enable your workforce to achieve more:

Openscape Business incorporates a single console which can be used consistently across all devices, helping staff adopt the technology with ease andmaking it as accessible as possible to a wide-spread workforce.

Everything Voice can provide ongoing support and maintenance and has a team of Technical Consultants in-house who are qualified in delivering comprehensive training courses tailored to your system and which can be written for technical administrators or day to day users.

On-Premise or Private Hosted? 

For more information on solutions Everything Voice offers through Unify’s Openscape Business technology please click below: