Use Real-Time Data to Measure & Improve Your Customer Service

Written by Neil Hutchinson
Business Development Director
Everything Voice

Twitter: @everythingvoice
Tel: 0330 055 3570

I don’t think I’ve met one business that doesn’t want to improve the service they give to stakeholders, customers or suppliers – and therefore wouldn’t find it useful to be able to measure how they’re performing in this area using real-time data. After all, every business is reliant on strong customer and supplier relationships and so this has to be a priority to survive in the competitive world we operate within.

With a vast majority of communication taking place via the phone, understanding how calls are actually being handled in real-time is essential if you are to retain and attract customers – and it too shouldn’t cost the earth. It’s all too easy to track communication by e-mail, but when somebody calls, they often have higher expectations. They want to be responded to quickly and to speak to the right person every time.

It’s time to be honest…

With this in mind and in complete honesty – how many of these questions can you answer:

  • How efficiently are calls being answered?
  • At certain times of the day/week/year does the performance change?
  • How long does it take key teams to answer calls?
  • Is there a time of day where callers are struggling to get through?
  • Do you know who your missed callers are?
  • How are your calls being diverted then responded to (if at all) when no-one is available? 

Don’t panic if you don’t know the answers to all of these questions – there’s a really simple solution!

So what is holding you back? 

This data is really easy to access, so why do so many businesses not take advantage? Cost, resource and time I would imagine, play a large part in your capability to measure real-time service performance and react to this quickly as is required. To date there hasn’t been a call monitoring tool which fits the flexible needs of SMEs and realistically meets the budget and resource constraints this sector works within.

We’ve just recently found an amazing piece of software however, that is being used as a tool to monitor and improve service by SMEs and is having a dramatic effect on improving experience and outcomes of telephone activity. It’s a fully hosted solution, making it highly cost effective (in fact amazingly cheap) and has no minimum term contract, allowing you to run it for as long or short as you need it. PRICES HERE >>

Before we discovered this technology, your only option was to incur large costs by buying the software upfront, which you then had to install and manage yourselves in-house. SMEs simply were not able to justify this and so were limited in their ability to look after customers as well as their larger competitors were. You are now however, able to access this type of software, which converts raw call data in real-time to reports and measurable insight, through a secure web-based dashboard which is accessible through any device.

Tempted? Try it out here…. 

Here you will find a link to a live system which uses real-time data to show the types of reports and analysis available. You will see for yourself how this can be used to enhance your customer service, get better results and maximise your communications budget for 2018…

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