Virtual1 Business Connectivity



ADSL, Broadband FTTC, EoFTTC, EFM, Fibre Ethernet

Working exclusively with it’s certified resellers such as Everything Voice, Virtual1 operates the most advanced network in the UK for high speed, high performance business connectivity at exceptionally competitive prices. Capable of providing Ethernet services from 10Mb up to 10Gb, this award-winning network has been interconnected with leading Tier 1 Carriers to provide solutions across the largest UK network footprint available.

The first of its kind, Virtual1 offers Everything Voice and its clients a fully software defined network (SDN), which places the control into our hands for designing solutions which are bespoke to client needs and provide flexibility to adapt bandwidth to meet changing requirements – whether they be dictated by peaks & troughs for internet usage, growth objectives or budgetary constraints.

Disrupting the Connectivity Market

Through using the intelligence of their industry-leading specialists, Virtual1 have placed performance at the heart of their proposition, where the entire process from quoting and ordering, to managing and adapting your bandwidth can be done through a slick online portal, allowing us to help clients innovate and stay ahead of their competition to the best of their potential.

Despite the fact that super-fast connectivity is critical to the growth and success of your organisation, the market has been slow-moving for many years, swamped with legacy players who can offer nothing that particularly stands out. It is here where Virtual1 and Everything Voice have seen the opportunity, teaming up to deliver not just a cutting edge network at low cost, but also providing a full-service portfolio of solutions which join technology and IT seamlessly with uninterrupted and resilient connectivity.

Which Connectivity

Everything Voice are able to supply Connectivity as a stand-alone service to guarantee the performance of your existing IT infrastructure and applications, or alternatively can combine a range of connectivity options with their communications and IT solutions to design a bespoke offering, whether that be VoIP or Hosted Telephony, Cloud services or Offsite Backup & Business Continuity.

Comprising an array of connectivity products including Fibre Ethernet, EFM and EoFTTC, this range of products and technology mean Everything Voice can adapt the bandwidth and functionality you require dependent on the business objectives and costs that you are working towards.

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