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Why Choose a VoIP Solution?

VoIP technology is changing the way we all communicate in our business and personal lives. As a small to medium sized business (SMB) ourselves, we at Everything Voice recognise many of the challenges that our clients are experiencing. We also know first-hand that a VoIP solution is often the perfect answer to many of these issues.

With each of our clients working towards individual goals and objectives, here are a range of challenges they have faced where VoIP has provided them with a highly efficient, cost effective and resilient communications solution:

  • Rapidly ageing or unsupported communications technologies ( such as a PBX system or ISDN for example) which is costly, time consuming to support or cannot be supported at all. How can you ensure reliability and predict costs with the prospect of a PBX failing within your business? 
  • IT budgets are not growing in line with the costs of maintaining and then replacing old and legacy technologies, or sustaining the IT resource that is required to support them. How can you bring costs down in line with budgets, get more for your money and make future expense more predictable? 
  • Contracts for various communications technologies (including PBX, ISDN, Conferencing or Internet access systems) are coming to an end. Is it time to consider what the best solution is from here?  
  • Already researched and considered a new VoIP or Unified Communications solution but unsure how to address its inevitable impact on IT network and security. Would our combined IT and Voice technical expertise help you incorporate a new and more efficient communications solution, within an existing IT infrastructure, in a consistent and reliable way?
  • A current communication solution is made up of different technologies, services and providers and whilst it is costing a great deal of money, you are not sure how to reduce costs or make those costs more predictable?
  • Older communication technologies such as ISDN are being phased out. Are you unclear about your options, how to implement these and the benefits they’ll bring?

If any one or more of these common challenges resonate with your business and you would like some advice on the benefits a VoIP solution could offer your business, please contact Everything Voice any time on the below details, and we would be happy to help: