What could be on the Horizon for Unify Openscape customers?

Unify’s Openscape Business is our core Communications platform, available to purchase on a simple monthly subscription basis or upfront. It can be deployed on site or offisite or in a private, public of hybrid cloud, depending on the requirements of our clients. At Unify Professional Partner, Everything Voice, we offer complete choice of commercial packages and deployment options

As a Unify Professional partner we are continually asked to provide insights into what improvements could be possibly on the horizon for Unify’s Openscape Business Communications platform, Although we don’t have a crystal ball in which to predict the future accurately there are some further enhancements which we would like to see in the coming year.

Improved Redundancy between Unify platforms. The latest version V2R5 already contains some additional IP Telephony redundancy and resilience features which really help to make the Openscape Business a powerhouse. We are expecting to see even more focus on this in the coming years as businesses become more reliant on their communications platform to connect remote workers and deliver best in class customer service.

Expansion of the Openstage CP handset range. The new CP range of handsets were released last year, and we love the design and some of the new embedded features if you use Unify’s myPortal client or Circuit. I think we may see some new handsets to complement this range. Although future platforms will continue to support the older Unify handset ranges these new CP handsets are well worth considering if Gigabit to the desktop is a must or you use Unify’s UC applications.

Improvements in Circuit interworking. The launch of Circuit was a huge affair and continued focus is being put on Unify’s Collaboration service ever since launch. This is a very good service and we hope to see this now provide greater interoperability with the Openscape Business platform as it already does with Unify’s Enterprise product. It would be great to see Directory access, presence and some multi device capabilities.

Security enhancements. As always Unify are continually enhancing the security elements of their platforms although there could be some further improvements with SIP trunk security.

Improvements in Skype for Business. Skype for Business is pervasive and everywhere and so it makes sense to provide more choice to Unify customers who would prefer to use this platform over and above Unify’s own offering. Although Openscape Business already provides some S4B integration we are hoping to see this grow in the coming year.

Improved serviceability. It would be great to see one of two small improvements to aid in the deployment of Device@Home and SIP@Home although some of these have been addressed recently.

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