What to look out for in 2020 as an SMB

Neil Hutchinson – Managing Director

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) will continue to dominate the SMB market for telephony and collaboration, further reducing the very small hold that traditional PBX services have been able to maintain throughout the meteoric rise of Cloud based technologies in the last decade. When it first came to prominence in 2014, UCaaS was the support and deployment of unified communications in the cloud. Unified communications is a concept which describes the integration of communications services like instant messaging, presence information, voice, mobility, audio, web and video conferencing into a single and consistent user interface across multiple devices.

What will this mean for my SMB?

For SMB owners or IT/Technology managers it will mean better deals on monthly subscriptions and much more simplified deployment and ongoing support. It will also directly address a number of key challenges, identified by SMB clients across a range of sectors.

Improved Mobility – Everyone in the SMB business is connected and contactable irrespective of where they are, the device the use and how the choose to work. This has a direct effect on improving customer retention and new customer acquisition as well as improving productivity within the business

Dismantled boundaries – SMB businesses have greater ability to recruit key staff outside of their local region as communication and collaboration tools become more accessible.

Lower running costs – With UCaaS, the choice of communication types means alternative options can be considered for customer meetings or team meetings such as video, web and audio conferencing. The cost of line rentals, hardware support and upgrades is replaced by one single, lower cost subscription.

With UCaaS solutions like our Wildix and Unify platforms, it’s good news for SMB’s who are destined to become better equipped to compete, recruit, reduce costs and improve productivity in 2020. Check out our UCaaS providers below! 

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