What to look out for in 2020 as an SMB

A new world of communications – what you need to know

Everything Voice recently participated in a virtual event to discuss strategies for the future of remote working. It’s an important topic at a difficult time. Some degree of lockdown is likely to be with us until at least next spring, and many businesses are already...

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Six Common Problems That Are Preventing SMB Growth

How Important Is Customer Care in your Business? Would you be interested in boosting business performance whilst improving customer satisfaction? Whether you are trying to win new customers or retain current ones, ultimately your priority is the same for both; to...

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Telecoms: The ISDN switch off

Introduced in the 1980’s, ISDN (or Integrated Services Digital Network) is still a common method of connecting a business telephone system to the Public Telephone Network. When it was first introduced to replace Analogue telephone lines, ISDN also offered Direct Dial...

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START PLANNING: 5G Bottomline Features & Benefits

5G is the next evolution in mobile networks. Its faster than previous ‘G’s, and set to open up lots of new use cases for mobile data – and therefore new business opportunities. What is 5G? Unlike in previous generations (such as 4G and LTE), there’s no single type of...

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