SUCCESS STORY: Why Top Yorkshire Firm Upgraded To High Speed Internet?

Northern Flags are the UK’s leading Wide Format Fabric printer for products such as Flags, Banners, Barrier Jackets, Exhibition Print, and Display Boards. They have a state of the art factory in Leeds but also have sister companies for specialised products or extra large quantities around the world and so communication and internet accessibility has become a critical component of their IT infrastructure.

Having outgrown their office space in Leeds, Northern Flags moved to a new purpose built facility and invested in new equipment to meet demand, increase production and provide the best possible product and customer service. A critical component to achieving this was their Internet access which had to be high-speed both upstream and downstream, enterprise class reliability and support a range of services including VoIP telephony. As Northern Flags are a business reliant on speed, quality, reliability and agility to meet customer demand, a City Fibre leased line provided by Everything Voice was the perfect solution.

Challenges faced 

Northern Flags were not on their own – they had been making do with the standard connection they had in place for too long. As they had decided however to invest in new equipment and technology, issues were becoming more and more frequent and difficult to manage including:

  • Very slow and unreliable speeds
  • Unpredictable and unable to cope with the demand
  • Unreliable access to key cloud-based services such as VOIP
  • Interruption of business processes
  • A frustrated and less productive workforce

Improvements achieved 

The new internet connection installed for Northern Flags was a Leased Line, offering Gigabit-capable internet speeds and guaranteed resilience and uptimes. Following a smooth installation process, Northern Flags noticed immediate benefits including:

  • Speed of uploads and downloads became instant
  • Ultimate reliability and raised efficiency
  • Zero downtime and improved IT performance
  • Guaranteed access to cloud-based technology
  • A happy and productive workforce

The outcome: 

Claire Taylforth, General Manager at Northern Flags confirms “So far, we’ve not experienced any issues and the internet is no longer an issue for us as it’s so reliable….”

Neil Hutchinson, Director at Everything Voice explains, “This kind of technology is an enabler for businesses, the performance and reliability are second to none. Now businesses can do more in the time they have, safe in the knowledge that their Internet access won’t let them down. They can also compete more effectively by introducing new ways to work and keeping pace with the digital world, assured that their point of access has guaranteed uptime. Our relationship with City Fibre has ben revolutionary, we can now bring this fibre technology to the door of more businesses because it’s so affordable.”


The government has recognised the benefits that faster more resilient internet offers small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) and has recently launched a national funding scheme which provides £3,000 to each business towards the cost of upgrading – making a Gigabit-capable connection cheaper than a standard Broadband connection in many cases. Check here if you’re eligible >>>

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