The first of its kind, Everything Voice is launching a competition THIS WEEK which provides the opportunity for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Yorkshire to win a FREE VoIP based telephony system for one year.

Yes that’s right, the latest VoIP based technology, manufactured by world-leading vendor Unify, completely FREE, no strings attached.

Why – you wonder – would we do such a thing?

We work with SMBs on a daily basis and have done so now for many many years. We see their challenges and how their inability to communicate from anywhere at anytime, using any device puts them at a clear disadvantage to their larger competitors who have been able to invest in better communications technology. Subsequently customer service, staff productivity and budgets suffer for those who are held back.

You’ve probably read about the ‘Digital Revolution’ that’s unfolding at present, which is being supported by schemes such as the government’s Digital Enterprise funding, designed to allow SMBs in Yorkshire to transform the way they work and compete on a global scale. Modern-day communications is a large part of living in a digital world and SMBs need to embrace the technology to succeed.

It’s our passion at Everything Voice to help SMBs in Yorkshire achieve this!

The prize

We’re offering THREE completely FREE hosted VoIP telephony systems to SMBs in Yorkshire – which will help you raise efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs within your business.

The package includes:

  1. Set up and configuration
  2. Free calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles
  3. Call reporting software
  4. Enterprise-grade features

So…how do you win?

It’s pretty simple really. If your business has less than 250 employees and is based in the Yorkshire region, you’re eligible to win a free VoIP telephony system. We have a panel of industry leaders who have dedicated much of their working life to helping SMBs raise performance, often through technology.

All you need to do is register your interest below, and you will be sent an entry form to complete which will be reviewed by our judging panel who will be selecting the winners of three fully installed, world-class VoIP based platforms.

Entry Deadline Extended: 21st December 2018

If you think your business would benefit from taking its communications in to the 21st century at no cost – click below to enter our competition for a FREE VoIP telephony platform.

*Terms and conditions apply

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