With VoIP you focus on your cause, not your comms

Charities can cut telecoms costs and improve performance

It’s been a strange 12 months for the Not-for-Profit sector. On the one hand, many charities connected to the NHS or fighting against COVID are flush with short-term cash, with donations and emergency funding channelled into organisations at the pandemic’s frontline....

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Five VoIP trends to watch for in 2021

At Everything Voice, we have seen how internet-based communication services (VoIP, video and collaboration) have grown over the last two decades. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) usage, revenue, and market share are all increasing at exponential rates, and will...

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A new world of communications – what you need to know

Everything Voice recently participated in a virtual event to discuss strategies for the future of remote working. It’s an important topic at a difficult time. Some degree of lockdown is likely to be with us until at least next spring, and many businesses are already...

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