SUCCESS STORY: How Yorkshire Business Resolves Internet Peformance Issues

Company Introduction 

Northern Flags is based in Leeds and is the UK’s leading large format printer with a wide ranging product list including custom flags, banners, boards, fabric, stickers or even chairs! Supplying to some of the worlds largest companies and brands, they have the tecnology and skills in place to provide all the marketing materials you require to stand out from the crowd.

The Challenge 

Northern Flags were experiencing significant growth and had to find a new purpose-built premises to meet increased demand, yet had always struggled with poor internet performance. Finding the right internet connection to meet their needs became a major priority for the new site. The speed and overall performance of their existing internet line was unable to support cloud based services such as VoIP technology and so was starting to noticeably hold them back.

The poor reliability of their existing service left them with periods of time where they were unable to work, interrupting day to day operations on a number of occasions. To sustain their growth and continue to meet customer expectations, they needed to resolve these issues quickly.

The Solution / Technology 

Claire Taylforth, General Manager at Northern Flags explained;

“After evaluating options from other providers based on their reputation, technical ability, cost and reliability, including BT and Virgin Media, we found that City Fibre from Everything Voice offered us the best solution.” 

Everything Voice was selected to implement a pure-fibre solution that not only prevents interruption of service, but which was also set to improve performance by more than threefold. City Fibre enabled Northern Flags to deploy VoIP and cloud based services effectively, which in turn improved day-to-day productivity and meant they could respond to customer needs to a higher standard.

The implementation of City Fibre’s full fibre solution took place whilst the client’s existing internet remained live to minimise disruption. Once the new link had been checked and tested, the old service was turned off to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

This process involved carrying out an on-site survey allowing the technical team at Everything Voice to manage the installation, taking around 8 weeks to complete. Richard and Neil, directors at Everything Voice, were overseeing the entire project and carried out the final checks to ensure that the solution was configured correctly and ready to be switched on.

The Client Outcome 

Claire Taylforth goes on to explain what difference City Fibre’s full fibre internet solution has made:

“Since installing our pure fibre internet solution, both speed, reliability and performance is second-to-none and has allowed all of our offices to adopt cloud-based services such as VoIP. We are delighted that we can finally rely on our internet service to deliver the applications we require – all of the time – from any location, removing previous downtime or loss of service,” continued Claire.

“The service we received from Everything Voice was excellent… I spoke to Neil quite early on in the project and he was very patient and helped with several issues along the way, prior to us confirming the order with them. As we discussed our internet access and the frustrtations we were experiencing, he recommended City Fibre. I had a quote from an alternative supplier but selected City Fibre from Everything Voice due to the benefits this product offered.”

“Since installing this full fibre solution, our connectivity has been great. We’ve not had a single period of downtime which was a regular occurrence previously. The service from Everything Voice has been exceptional which is what I have been so impressed with.”

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